Kitchen Design, Repair and Remodeling Services in San Francisco, CA

The process of home renovation is both exciting and rewarding. Watching a derelict house turn your dream home or a kitchen into a real masterpiece is an incredible experience. But the experience can come at a price, with some very stressful moments. Argos Construction renovation aims to enable you to keep the pleasure and satisfaction while keeping the problems to a minimum with a bit of forwarding planning. Our fully customized designs, inspirational showroom, and incredible craftsmanship make us the top choice for all your kitchen design, repair, and remodeling needs in San Francisco, CA.

Beautiful Kitchen

Quartz, ceramic tiles, wood, porcelain, marble, mosaic tiles, recycled glass, and granite. All are excellent products for remodeling countertops and backsplashes. To reface your cabinets, you can pick from various wood and wood materials. We have everything you need to customize your kitchen to your needs and wants.

We make the process of remodeling your kitchen both stress-free and mess-free.

All our projects are accomplished with our technicians and engineers. They are efficient enough to offer you the best service.

You can leave all work to the professionals. We can reface or refinish your countertops, paint walls and ceilings, install new lighting, and rewiring some electrical work according to your wishes. Our professionals can replace your flooring if it's particularly worn and look at more high-grade countertop materials like stone (Granite, Corian, Formica). We can move some of the plumbing and even make a kitchen island. We can install wood cabinets, wall cabinets, base cabinets, tile backsplash, and other appliances.

Begin with a free in-home design consultation and estimate. Contact us at (415) 926-1299.

Furnished Kitchen