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Do you and your family wish to purchase a new home? Do you fantasize about a large, light-filled home with multiple rooms, a living room with a large fireplace, an open floor plan, and a green yard outside? Argos Construction, a team of professionals, can make your dream true. We are your best choice for new construction projects in San Francisco, CA. We can create the ideal home for you from scratch. Whatever the project’s size or complexity, our skilled and experienced team can handle it.

With the cost of real estate and renovations rising, building your own home is a more and more appealing choice. You may make sure that your home is built with top-notch materials and craftsmanship in addition to choosing the design.

Argos Construction always puts the needs and desires of the customer first. We can help you to design your new house according to your lifestyle and wishes.

Argos Construction can help you with every step of the designing and building process. We can offer our house plans and will find a unique home for you, your family, and the home to fit your lifestyle. If you have your own house plan, we are able to build you that home as well, or we can bring our architecture.

Contact us at (415) 926-1299, and let’s get your dream home started today!

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Our aim is to ensure all our client’s projects are completed to the highest standard with the best advice, workmanship, and value for money.

Argos Construction has earned a strong local reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity. We believe that our core values of effective planning and clear communication are crucial to the successful completion of any project.

Only today can we give you free consultation and estimation of your project.

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