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Robin W

Last winter, Argos Construction built a new two-story addition to our house with a kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths. From the beginning the crew was trustworthy. They were always respectful of our space, on time for work, friendly, professional and would work long days if required to get the job done. This was our first remodel and when we had questions Victor was always available to walk us through the process, answer any questions, and work with us on options if we wanted to do things differently. What everyone dreams of – a remodel that’s on time and on budget! I can say that Argos Construction has earned a great reputation and it’s well deserved. Victor and the team were always focused on getting work done right, precise, and on the schedule and budget we created together. And the only budget changes were things that we asked for and there were no surprises! Finally, Argos Construction actually care about their customers and the outcome. They truly wanted us to be happy and satisfied with the result and their work. We are very thankful that we worked with Argos Construction and highly recommend them!

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